1. Spiritual Jiu Jitsu

    We sweat, bleed, flow, breathe, laugh, cry, stretch, move, and train. Day in and day out, we set our sights on a tremendous vision of achievement.  We put pressure on ourselves to reach our infinite potential. Sometimes we give up, but we never give in. Sometimes we lose, but we are never completely lost.  When we fight, we fight as a team. When we win, we win as a family. We gain respect because we give it. We remain humble in the face of others opinion’s, and we remain thankful for another chance to advance, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  We are elevating each other through the eye’s of the universe, through the hand of the Great Spirit, through God’s touch.  While we often don’t see it in it’s entirety, our training is part of a much bigger picture. It is the paint that we use on our individual life canvas. It is the color that we use as a team to show the world our light.  We sweat, bleed, flow, breathe, laugh, cry, stretch, move and train because we were meant to, together, as an army, and as an example for those struggling to attain their true self. Thank you my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Family. Peace, Balance, Love and Respect always. Great job yesterday. Soca BJJ. Eternal spirit. 


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