1. Take it all away…..

    Sometimes it would be easier to go back to old habits. Sometimes it would be easier to fuel the potential anger then to struggle to remain calm. The easy way is not always the right way, and the human way is not always the easy way.  Take away the mind, the thought, the television, the noise, the language, the lies, the hurt, the gender, the belief, the hustle, the fake, the real, the traffic, the garbage, the politics, the man, the woman, the marriage, the boyfriend, the girlfriend, the labels, the music, the laptops, the “social” media, the economy and the devil we call money. Take it all away and end up staring at yourself in a different body.  Take away the idea of taking shit personal, and live the idea of true compassion.  How often are we self-sabotaging? How often are we running? How often are we peering through those cold steel bars of FEAR that deny us any sense of true freedom. The freedom that we were all conditioned to never truly see, touch, taste, smell or feel. We keep trying to reach an impossible goal of bliss through things that have no spiritual value. Money cannot bring it. People, animals, toys, cars, drugs, exercise, and happy thoughts cannot bring it. No other person, deity or symbol can bring it. Happiness is only found in you. Let go of everything you have ever thought you have known. For one day, one hour, one minute, imagine your circuit board has been erased and everything is being downloaded for the first time. Would you still BELIEVE your mind. Would you still lay prisoner to your own thoughts as they stroll the penitentiary halls of your mental correctional facility.  Would you still be YOU and carry your false sense of self.  We are alone, and alone is the only way to obtain peace, because nobody else is responsible enough to give that to you, just as you aren’t responsible enough to give it to them.  Take it all away and what do you find? 

    "Desire true freedom and be the real change."

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