1. Connect, Disconnect, Re-Connect.

    The connections are real. Systemically we have been divided, but spiritually we have not.  Our conditioning has led us to believe we are separate.  Theology, government, class warfare, inaccurate history, false education, all have played a part in convincing us that we are not spiritually connected, but our vibration rings true. We ALL have a universal pulse that connects us.  The rest is a matter of our mind.  We have walked across the entire state of New Jersey, and have observed human behaviour in it’s truest form.  People moving from place to place, some smiling, some not, some interested, some dismissive of our cause.  Yet through all of this, I see a light in the flow of all things.  A light that most people don’t see in themselves.  We need to sever the chains that keep us disassociated, cleanse our cells, rejuvenate our inner vibration.  The powers that be will ALWAYS orchestrate the disconnect. They will ALWAYS formulate and attempt to carry out their agenda.  Truth be told, their agenda can only be completed with the permission of the people, and WE the people should know better by now. WE the people are connected, truly, freely and simply as a living, breathing organism.  Stay correct, mind, body, emotions and spirit.  Wlaking through Pennsylvania with a rebellious attitude and balanced perspective. Love and LIGHT.
    Timmy Mission, E Nicey and Sugar Ray.

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